Student’s Councils

A Student Council is present in the College. The Council members are responsible for all extra-curricular student activities in the campus. The composition of the Student’s Council is as follows:
Sr. No.DepartmentDesignationMembers
1CulturalGeneral Secretary
Cultural Secretary
2OrchestraSecretary3 members
3DramaSecretary1 members
4DanceSecretary3 members
5Art ExhibitionSecretary2 Members
6FashionSecretary4 Members
7SportsSecretary2 Members(Indoors)
4 Members (Outdoor)
8NSSSecretary1 Member
9MagazineSecretary2 Members
Student Representation:
The University believes in participative decision-making. Student representation at both undergraduate and postgraduate level is present at the Board of Studies and the Academic Council, both of which are high-level recommendatory and decision-making bodies within the University.
Student Wing of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics:
The University has established the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and alongside it has also established a Student Wing. This aims at sensitization and promotion of knowledge and practices of medical ethics amongst our students. It is an opportunity for students to collaborate with medical students from other parts of India and abroad to define and develop the medical ethics of the future.
 Social Gathering:
Each year, undergraduate students come together to organize and participate in the social gathering, a week-long event held in the campus. Organized by the Student’s Council, the event is supported by the University and faculty members are appointed to oversee and provide guidance where necessary. The arts, literary, cultural and sports events provide the students a platform to exhibit their talents and also take a break from their studies. It also gives an opportunity for faculty members to recognize the talents of the students.
Student Magazine
Student Editors collaborate and bring out the Student’s Magazine. This is a compilation of all literary efforts of students in the form of cartoons, poems, short stories, reviews and essays. This magazine is published through the University. It show-cases the literary and imaginative abilities of our students.
Inter-Collegiate Competitions
The University facilitates participation of students in various cultural, literary and academic events. The college sanctions leave (not counted as absence from studies) and adjustment of internal assessments where possible is done. The University regularly participates in the Youth festival organized by the Association of Indian Universities.
Student Research Activities
Beyond the mandatory training in research as prescribed by the MCI, in-house student research projects are encouraged and supported by the College faculty. In addition, students are guided and provided with academic resources to submit research proposals to the India Council of Medical Research (ICMR) each year.