Research Fellows

Ph.D. Scholer Ph.D Completed
Dr. Jayavant Laxman Gunjakar  Ramanujan Fellow
Dr. Jayavant L Gunjakar is working on prestigious Ramanujan Fellowship awarded by the search-cum selection committee of DST-SERB Govt of India. Ramanujan Fellowship is meant for brilliant Indian scientists and engineers from outside India to take up scientific research positions in India, those Indian scientists/engineers who want to return to India from abroad. The fellowship is scientist -specific and very selective. Dr. Jayavant L Gunjakar is awarded by the Ramanujan fellowship project entitled “Pillared Nanohybrids Based On 2D Inorganic Nanosheets For Highly Efficient And Stable Solar Assisted H2 Production”. Under this fellowship Dr Gunjakar is funded the total amount of Rs. 1,19,00,000/- that includes his salary and research fund of Rs 7,60,000/-. Presently 6 doctoral research students are working under the guidance of Dr. Gunjakar with scholarship from the Ramanujan fellowship.